DS-ME-in-Punxy2007-300x280More than a century in the making, that’s us.

Hi, I’m Dean and my better half goes by Mary Ellen. Collectively, we’ll be celebrating 120 years on planet Earth in the not-too-distant future. As such, we’ve embarked on what is, for all intents and purposes, semi-retirement. Semi, from the Latin meaning “half” and retirement, defined by many in the working world as “Kicking back and getting down to really enjoying life.” Actually, we have another, more specific definition of semi-retirement: That is, “I still work and my wife’s new name is ‘Grammy,’ at least according to our three-year-old grandson.” So that’s it. Whether you’re working on retiring, or if you’ve eschewed your nine-to-five job for the “good life,” follow with us as we enjoy retirement, albeit vicariously at times!